We are Cayenne Cuntessa and Lemmie Lickett; two outrageous and hilarious women on a quest for easy fame in a world dominated by reality TV and gossip blogs. We are politically edgy, sexually inappropriate, and the life of the party.

Some have compared us to “burlesque”, but we are SO much more than what traditional burlesque defines. That and we don’t take our clothes off (anymore….sort of….don’t worry about it).

Others have called us “comedians” but that isn’t grand enough. We don’t express humor through “jokes” and we actually give a fuck about what we look like.

One guy said we’re “like AbFab on ketamine”, which is definitely warmer and slightly more accurate.

THE YES GIRLS are in-your-face social commentary through the art of video, song parody, and sketch comedy, wrapped in a glittery spandex package.

PLEASE NOTE: We are VERY offensive and make NO apologies for it. Bring your big girl panties, have a few drinks, and learn to laugh at yourself.